Living with pain can be a miserable experience. Some pain is essential – a warning signal from the body that something is wrong. It helps us realise we need to move our hand away from the hot stove, or not put any weight through our damaged leg. People afflicted with Congenital Analgesia, a condition where the sufferer is unable to feel physical pain, rarely live beyond the age of the 30. However, there are times when pain has outlived its use, such as in chronic back pain. The pain is not teaching you anything new – it merely makes you suffer, and significantly lowers your quality of life.

One of the first applications of hypnosis south london was in pain management, especially during surgery, and there is a large amount of evidence to support its effectiveness in relieving in both acute and chronic pain. This is a video of a lady having her front teeth removed with no anaesthetic, only hypnosis. (Warning, some people watching this may feel more discomfort than the lady in the chair!)